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Mercedes-Benz Left Brain – Right Brain



Newsweek on Creativity 2010 – an excellent five-page article on what Creativity looks like and how it may be approached.

The Creativity Crisis (Newsweek) – follow up to Newsweek article on Creativity explaining the author’s perception of project based learning challenges.

Providing a Balanced Curriculum Where the Arts are Core…
West Virginia’s 2014 four-page report on Providing a Balanced Curriculum Where the Arts are Core – example for district use when considering their arts education program.

Arts and Arts Education: Dana Gioia

Arts Education and 21st Century Skills: Melvin Pontius

Arts Education and 21st Century Skills: North Carolina Dept of Education

Arts Education and Creative Thinking: Edutopia

Arts Education Essay Winner Lauren Caddick, 2009

Education and the Arts

Revaluing the Arts and Humanities: Daniel Pink and USD




Critical Links

EdWeek article of December 2, 2014 on research results about two arts experiences and the impact on students

NCES-Westat-USDOE 2012-2014 report on Arts Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools across the nation – dance, music, theatre and visual arts

Arts for All: Connecting to New Audiences: Wallace Foundation

Cultivating Demand for the Arts: Wallace Foundation

Revitalizing Arts Education Through Community-Wide Coordination: Wallace Foundation
Schools and the Arts

State Arts Policy: Trends and Future Prospects: Wallace Foundation

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