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Theatre Journal - Project Muse
Theatre Journal publishes articles and reviews to be used for theatre studies. Archived articles are reprinted for subscribed institutions. Theatre Journal focuses on social and historical studies, production reviews and theoretical inquiries.

Broadcast Education Association
Broadcast Education Association is a non-profit organization that provides a critical link between colleges and the broadcast industry. While the membership is primarily for institutions of higher learning and industry professionals a wealth of information and contacts are available. The site provides a variety of links to university/instructional programs, course assignments and requirements, key research websites, academic job openings, and a multimedia bibliography. Scholarships are available to students of member institutions; several of which are in California. Excellent career opportunities can be fund under "Academic Job Openings" and "Media Sites"

Center for Media Literacy 2000
"Center for Media Literacy, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the ability to communicate in all media forms, print and electronic, as well as to access, understand, analyze and evaluate the powerful images, words and sounds that make up our contemporary media culture." This is an excellent background resource for teachers offering conferences, satellite broadcasts, lesson plans, articles.

Arts Journal has direct links to interesting and important news stories about the arts that are updated daily. Type "copyright" in the site's search engine and find up-to-date articles on copyright laws as they specifically pertain to the arts.

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