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Membership Details: The membership year runs from June through July; memberships are renewed annually in July. Please alert us if your e-mail address changes, as this will be the primary means of communication. We appreciate our members and thank you for supporting arts education in Oregon!

What our members do: 

The Oregon Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE) welcomes members to the Alliance, individuals who support having arts instruction in the schools delivered by licensed individuals appropriate to that instruction and generalist teachers that are trained to deliver instruction. We seek members to be on our board, representing the wide swath of Oregon and to help the Alliance in its work and to broadcast news and advocacy regarding that instruction and its relevancy to student development and success. Our board meetings are held six times a year via conference calls/electronic means to save time and to save travel expenses and at times meeting availability of the board. We would like to move to an annual face-to-face meeting as our cadre of board members and members increases.

It takes a community to energize, move and sustain our mission and we seek to work together to ensure that all students are provided with learning in the arts in every year of their education, making it a comprehensive complete education.You can help ensure the arts for every student in all Oregon schools, beginning those conversations and that thinking and working with us to move that positioning forward with support from students, families, teachers, school district administrators, communities, business, artists, arts organizations, the legislature.

Join the OAAE Voice – speak up and out about arts education a crucial part of a comprehensive complete education for our Oregon students.  Gain information and materials via OAAE.  Contact us at any time to have us assist you giving voice to the need for arts education in the schools. Click here to become a member.

Become part of a robust OAAE membership – you are invited to add your name to the list of supporters.  Make an investment of any amount to OAAE and become a member. Membership is an easy way to make your voice heard, your membership clearly states YOUR commitment to arts education.  You membership helps support OAAE’s efforts statewide. Our mailing address is on the home page.

Speak out for Arts Education – know when your school board meets, then plan to attend.  If you wish help in knowing how to frame what you wish to say about having arts taught as part of the curriculum in your schools, let us help you.  Contact Nancy at any time to receive assistance.

Be part of the conversation – check in often at the OAAE website.  If you aren’t finding what you are seeking, let us know. Contact Nancy.  We are working on updating website and would welcome what you believe should be there and would make the website more friendly and helpful to you.

What ideas and questions do you have? Share them with OAAE. Contact Nancy.

Click here to become a member of the Oregon Alliance for Arts Education!

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