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Oregon Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE) champions, strengthens and celebrates the arts as an integral part of education for the people of Oregon.
Our goals:
  • Improve the quality of/access to arts education for Oregon’s children.
  • Support and honor excellence in arts education throughout the state.
  • Increase the understanding and appreciation of the value of arts education among Oregon’s educators and the communities they serve.

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The baton held diligently by Nancy Carr as Executive Director for the Alliance was officially passed to Shannon Emory. Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge in arts education standards and the delivery of quality arts programs. Shannon has and will continue to serve as the Executive Director for Cognizart by MetroArts Inc. since October of 2015. She is well-versed in the extensive need for quality arts education programs to be delivered to all kids throughout Oregon. She will be working closely with the Oregon Department of Education to bridge the deliverability of quality arts programs, training for teachers, and modifying arts standards in the years ahead.

Press Release: September 17, 2015 – OREGON ARTS CONTENT STANDARDS ADOPTED

September 17, 2015, the Oregon State Board of Education adopted the Oregon Arts Content Standards for Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts.

Work begun in June of 2013, with facilitation of the work by the Oregon Alliance for Arts Education, led by five writing teams comprised of arts teachers in Oregon, reached its close with the State Board action. The input for these standards was from the teams themselves and was input Oregon teachers felt best suited Oregon. These five teams had access to national work as the National Core Arts Learning Standards were developed, and released in June of 2014.  Careful consideration was given to scope and sequenced Oregon student arts learning and with assessment of student learning. The end result was a set of definitive Oregon arts content standards adapted from the 2014 National Standards for Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts and adoption of the 2015 National Standards as the standards for Oregon by Media Arts and Music. Writing Teams listing for the Oregon Partners for Arts Learning Standards (OPALS) Project, may be found under “Programs” on the Alliance website.

The Alliance is working with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) to have standards posted to their website later this year. At this time, our advisor at ODE, in this connecting work, is Brian Putnam ([email protected]).  In the meantime, the adopted Oregon Arts Content Standards are posted on the Alliance website (oregonarts.net).

The Alliance is most appreciative of the support throughout the state and ODE for the creation of the 2015 Oregon Arts Content Standards. Presentations have been made at conferences such as OMEA, OAEA, OETA and OSBA during these past 3 ¼ years and additional presentations are scheduled.  It is realized that educators will wish to learn more about the intentions of the standards, their format and outcomes, resources available. Currently the Alliance is working to determine best approaches to bring that to the field.

For more information, please contact Shannon Emory at [email protected].

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“Whoever neglects the arts when he is young has lost the past and is dead to the future.”   ~ Sophocles

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OAAE is looking for new board members, retirement is ebbing away dedicated individuals that have served. If you would be interested, please contact the Board President.

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